Corporate Philosophy

SIS provides the high-quality advanced technologies and services to be "the attractive company that contributes to society" which is trusted by customers.

Basic Policy

  • Provide the best technologies and services suited for his needs.
  • Value the communications with customers and aim the best solution partner that can meet the their needs.
  • Challenge myself to the latest technology and high goal and constantly strive for self-improvement.
  • Promote education and training for employees to provides the high-quality advanced technologies and services.
  • The all employees work together to aim for the attractive company with meaningful job and strive for the sound company management.


System Integration

Provide a total solution from the proposal to the design/development or the system operation maintenance to introduce for customer's needs.

Software Development

Support a business solution for customer's verious needs such as publish/society, finance, industry and communication

Quality Assurance

We promise security and trust in the high-quality service and the complete support system.
The complete support system for customers was established by the special organization with the know-how of quality assurance. It strongly supports normal operation of the system.

Package-soft Development/Sale

A lot of know-how which have been cultivated throughout the system development, were packaged and it meets the customer's needs for the versatility of software and the cost performance.

Information Device Sale

We have information products such as computers, peripherals, copying machines and communication devices to meet the   customer's needs.